The Upcoming Year | The World Grows Brighter

Erin and I have worked our tails off the past few years juggling video business, raising 5 kids, buying and selling homes, and (for me mostly) learning to say "no" to fun and interesting projects. This next year we look forward to some new and amazing projects. First things first, we decided to produce our own "Business Culture Video" that captures what our company is all about. We love discovering the light inside everyone and love it even more when that light can shine alongside ours and others around us.

I believe a company's success not only lies in the financial side but also in having a strong underlying purpose. A company will always have a product, service, or experience to provide, but the true lasting quality is found in the personal beliefs and passions of the individuals who run the business. We are all individual men and women when we wake up. We can open our eyes to possibilities and opportunities or doubts and hopelessness. But the truth is we are really looking at a blank canvas that awaits our brush strokes and color scheme.

Erin and I want the videos we produce, and our time with our clients, to inspire and encourage them to be themselves; to find their pure self. In this we hope to help people understand that when we begin with ourselves we can begin with our strengths. So, in this next year I am hoping and striving to expand our company's strengths and make a massive positive impact wherever our company ventures.