Siri Vik

We've been talking with Siri about collaborating. It's the exact thing we love to do. Joining up with artists who create beautiful work that adds to the beauty. One of the great things about Siri is she is so accessible. The DTB team went down to Perugino's, another great local cafe, and captured her playing a benefit show for WellMama. WellMama is a nonprofit group providing pregnancy and postpartum mental health support services to women and their families.

I decided to edit her cover of Weird Fish because it came out well and I think it represents a musical side that she gets to do in these certain shows. A lot of her music at The Shedd centers around music and its history. She just recently did a show honoring Edith Piaf's music and life, with an emphasis on the French Chanson.

I find showcasing her take on modern pop music refreshing and a compliment to her greater body of work. Please enjoy Weird Fish and stay tuned for more of Siri in the future. In the meantime you can find more from Siri Vik here.