Slowly but surely I am discovering Siri's style, and I am discovering that it demands layers and depth. What I find intriguing in style is an ability to capture the essence of the past and marry it with a modern and person persona. The DTB team is in pre-production on a short film and we hope to capture the complete and unique style that Siri possesses. The first in this video series comes from Siri's Edith Piaf show earlier this year.


The Upcoming Year | The World Grows Brighter

Erin and I have worked our tails off the past few years juggling video business, raising 5 kids, buying and selling homes, and (for me mostly) learning to say "no" to fun and interesting projects. This next year we look forward to some new and amazing projects. First things first, we decided to produce our own "Business Culture Video" that captures what our company is all about. We love discovering the light inside everyone and love it even more when that light can shine alongside ours and others around us.

I believe a company's success not only lies in the financial side but also in having a strong underlying purpose. A company will always have a product, service, or experience to provide, but the true lasting quality is found in the personal beliefs and passions of the individuals who run the business. We are all individual men and women when we wake up. We can open our eyes to possibilities and opportunities or doubts and hopelessness. But the truth is we are really looking at a blank canvas that awaits our brush strokes and color scheme.

Erin and I want the videos we produce, and our time with our clients, to inspire and encourage them to be themselves; to find their pure self. In this we hope to help people understand that when we begin with ourselves we can begin with our strengths. So, in this next year I am hoping and striving to expand our company's strengths and make a massive positive impact wherever our company ventures.


Siri Vik

We've been talking with Siri about collaborating. It's the exact thing we love to do. Joining up with artists who create beautiful work that adds to the beauty. One of the great things about Siri is she is so accessible. The DTB team went down to Perugino's, another great local cafe, and captured her playing a benefit show for WellMama. WellMama is a nonprofit group providing pregnancy and postpartum mental health support services to women and their families.

I decided to edit her cover of Weird Fish because it came out well and I think it represents a musical side that she gets to do in these certain shows. A lot of her music at The Shedd centers around music and its history. She just recently did a show honoring Edith Piaf's music and life, with an emphasis on the French Chanson.

I find showcasing her take on modern pop music refreshing and a compliment to her greater body of work. Please enjoy Weird Fish and stay tuned for more of Siri in the future. In the meantime you can find more from Siri Vik here.

Kryzdy & Jorge

Family is the word that comes to mind when I think of Kryzdy and Jorge's wedding.  Not only because it was the merging of these 2 beautiful families, but also because family and friends used all their talents to celebrate in what felt like a wedding I imagine similar to how our grandparents got married; simple, dignified but deep in an ocean of family.

Simple Portraits

Let's talk about taking simple portraits. By simple portraits I mean using available light and little to no props. One of the simplest keys is to diffuse your light. 

Window Light

The above shot is lit by a single window diffused with sheer curtain.  Window lighting is a naturally gorgeous ambient light although it can be harsh if the sun is streaming in the afternoon.  Sheer white curtains will easily solve hot, sunny lighting. 

Now I could have got a bounce out to reflect some light to the dark side of his face, but then we are talking simple portraits here.  But, if you want to get just slightly more fancy get a bounce.  They are not expensive and pretty versatile. The link below is the one we use.  You can also use it as a diffuser, which we often do. 

This Photo is taken in between two windows perpendicular to each other which creates an equal distribution of light. 

Cloudy Sky

Clouds are nature's diffuser making cloudy days good times to get out and take some portraits. The above photo is taken a cloudy, slightly rainy day. 


If it's hot and bright out find some shade.  The above and below are taken in the shade on a sunny day.

These are some simple ways of diffusing light and you can use these techniques for video too.  If you are shooting some pictures or home videos of your kids try shooting in some diffused light. 


Welcome! Bienvienue! to our first blog post. This is a place where you can get to know us personally and grab a tip or too.  

Who are we?

Dustin and Erin, husband and wife creative team.  We were initially drawn to each other because of our shared interest in story telling.  In the beginning we planned on making a documentary on the quirky town we live in, and some of the characters that live here.  Thus Down the Beanstalk was born. 

That's us!

That's us!

Where did you come up with Down the Beanstalk?

Someone once told Dusty he was like Jack (as is Jack and the Beanstalk) bringing the gifts down from the clouds to share with the world.  We continued to use the term "Down the Beanstalk" so when we started our production company this is the phrase that came to mind.   

Erin's original drawing of Down the Beanstalk.

Erin's original drawing of Down the Beanstalk.

What are your backgrounds?

Dustin  has been making movies and writing scripts since he was a kid.  He is also very musically talented.  You can catch him playing in bands from time to time.

Erin  likes to create and majored in Fine Arts in college (with an emphasis on Photography and Painting).  Her film interests began as a child when she would make stop motion movies from sculptures she created (most notable was Mr. Wiggle).

Do you like working together and who does what?

We really enjoy working together!  Of course we get in scuffles (artistic differences) from time to time like any married couple.  Dusty serves as director, cinemaphotographer and the main contact of the company.  Erin serves as cinemaphotographer, editor and maintains the books.  We split the work pretty equally. 

What do you do for fun?

Well, making videos is pretty fun. We like to hang out with our 4 kids and take them on bike rides and to enjoy the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.  Recently, they have started to take an interest in video and we have been having fun sharing our passions with them.

The Beansprouts

The Beansprouts

Thank You for taking the time to read this post.  Leave us a comment, send us an email, or give us a call.  We like to collaborate and help in any way we can on your ideas!

- Dustin & Erin